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An Evening of Morning Qigong with James Screeton

Tuesday 23rd July, 6pm



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Following the success of our Morning Qigong class with James, I’ve been asked over and over when we will be doing another. Well, I’m pleased to report that we are now able to do an Evening of Morning Qigong on Tuesday 23rd July at 6pm.

At this class you will learn how to start your morning (and finish your day) with some gentle movement in the form of qigong.

As before this small group class ensures plenty of teacher-participant interaction. You will have an hour of expertly guided yangshen gong exercises with a bit of time after for tea, questions, and chat. You will learn a gentle ‘wake up’ routine that you can use every morning at home, plus a couple of added exercises suitable to relax you ready for your bed at the end of the day. This morning routine is beneficial for everyone, but particularly so for those who struggle to get going in the morning.

No special equipment or prior experience is required. We suggest that you wear comfortable flexible clothing that allows you to move freely. You may also find it helpful to bring a cushion and a blanket, although these are not essential.

Our teacher, James Screeton, has practiced martial arts for many years, studied a variety of areas of Daoist practice at the Five Immortals Temple in Wudang, & has just completed his BSc(Hons) Acupuncture.

As this is a small group class with limited spaces we advise you book early by clicking on the red button below…

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