Whatever the ‘pain’ that has brought you to us, we help you to feel better. We want to provide the best care for our patients and we do it several ways…


Traditional Acupuncture



An Shen Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture, as the clinic name implies, is our main method of treatment. Once we’ve completed a full consultation with you, we will recommend an acupuncture treatment plan that is designed specifically to get you feeling better in the best way for you

Massage, Cupping, & Heat Therapy



Sometimes we may use massage, cupping, or heat therapy. This is usually given alongside your acupuncture but may be used occasionally as a standalone treatment. The heat therapy may be in the form of a heat lamp or a traditional herbal kind called Moxabustion.


Chinese Food Energetics



About An Shen Acupuncture

We may ask you about what you eat/drink and make suggestions as to foods that would be useful for you to include or reduce in your diet. Or sometimes just suggest that you try drinking a different tea or make slight changes in the way you cook your food.


Lifestyle Advice




We often ask about your lifestyle, work, expectations, quality of sleep, mood, etc., and we may make suggestions about breathing exercises, meditation techniques, stress reduction methods, and so on that you may find beneficial.  

Chinese Herbal Medicine




Coming Soon…  we are currently studying Chinese Herbal Medicine and will be adding the option of herbal treatments to our portfolio of services during 2019.  



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