27th October 2017 Sandra Bird

Skin Season – 5 Reasons Autumn is the Perfect Time to Focus on Your Face

As Autumn takes hold in the Northern Hemisphere we react to the drop in both temperature and light by covering up and seeking the cosy. For many of us this is the signal for our skin to hibernate until Spring in a state of woolly covered neglect.

I get it. It’s easy to take care of our skin for Summer when there’s a bit more of it on show. Besides, we’re all far too busy this time of year avoiding, suffering with, or recovering from the seasonal colds and flu!

But here’s the thing – Autumn is the perfect time to treat your skin well, and the best way to do that is to get yourself some Facial Enhancement Treatment. Here are five brilliant Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reasons why…


  • Autumn is the season of the Metal Element, of the Lung and Large Intestine. In TCM the health and condition of the skin is closely related to that of the Lung and Large Intestine. The Lung function is to breathe in the clean and fresh, whilst exhaling the stale. In the Autumn we are particularly susceptible to cold viruses, chest infections, and the like. All of which affect our Lung function and our capacity to breathe, and in turn our skin often feels clammy whilst we fight these things off.


  • Autumn is also the season of letting go. We see the trees let loose their leaves in making space for the new, and it’s a time of year when we naturally review, reflect, and make space to move on. The Large Intestine function is to eliminate the waste of our digestive system, to release what we no longer need. If there is any congestion in our Large Intestine we feel that in our skin too – blocked pores and a bit of a greasy feel.


  • There is also a seasonal tendency for Dryness. Those skin parts that do get exposed to the wind can become dry and cracked, and once that central heating goes on we get dry baked as we get toasty warm. Just like those fallen leaves our skin loses it’s natural moisture.


  • Beauty is so much more than skin deep, and what’s shown in the condition of the skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. The best thing about ‘cosmetic’ facial acupuncture is that it doesn’t just focus on the face. It’s an all over health and wellness treatment that takes into account the reasons why that wrinkle appears where it does, and why there are dark saggy circles under your eyes. Yes, we can apply creams and lotions that help on the surface, but so much better to tackle the root causes too! Getting the Lung and Large Intestine in balance during Autumn will not only keep you healthier through Winter and beyond, it will also make your skin look and feel fabulous.


  • It’s perfect timing for party season prep! There’s just the right amount of time to get you looking great and feeling fantastic before the onslaught of the hectic Christmas schedule. What’s more, getting the body in balance will help you to sail through the seasonal stress with ease. Why else would it be the ‘new’ favourite option for the Stars?!


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