9th June 2016 Sandra Bird

My Top Ten Hygge

My Top Ten Hygge

I have recently discovered a new (to me) word and I think it’s rather lovely. It’s a Danish word and we don’t appear to have a direct equivalent for it in English. As you might have guessed from the title, the word is ‘hygge’, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, and it’s something that we all need a little more of in our busy lives.

The wonderful people at Visit Denmark have put together a fabulous video explanation of exactly what hygge is, which very conveniently saves me having to try putting it into not quite satisfactory words!

So here are my top ten:

  1. Home made rhubarb crumble with good quality vanilla ice cream.
  2. Having an in-car picnic (usually because it’s raining) whilst admiring whatever scenic (or otherwise) location you’re at.
  3. Fish and chips at the seaside.
  4. Snuggling in bed on a cold night, preferably with clean sheets, and being able to hear the wind and rain outside.
  5. Creamy rice pudding with a dollop of jam.
  6. Sitting in front of a log fire with pyjamas on (that’s me with my pyjamas on, not the log fire), drinking tea, and watching a good film.
  7. Walking along the seafront on a cold and blustery day.
  8. Arriving home after a holiday.
  9. Hearing a piece of music that sparks a lovely/funny/happy memory.
  10. Dunking a ginger biscuit (or two) in your cup of tea.

Oops! Most of those appear to involve food! And they are all made better by the addition of family and/or friends. These are my top ten, very quickly put together and in no particular order – what are yours?