25th October 2016 Sandra Bird

Feet on the Stairs become Feet on the Chairs

In the early days of An Shen Acupuncture my treatment room was a delightful space on the second floor above a hairdresser’s salon. We were in a beautiful old building with wonky floors, leaning walls, and low ceilings. Aside from the room itself, I had a very small landing with just enough space for a chair for clients to sit and wait if they arrived early for their treatment.

Every practitioner has their own unique way to work and my preference, once the consultation is done and treatment is underway, is to allow my clients space and peace to relax by themselves whilst their needles are busy working with them. I give them a means to get my attention should they need it (a wireless doorbell) and after making sure that they are comfortable, warm enough, and happy to be left alone, I leave the room for the twenty or so minutes that the needles require.

During that time I contemplate the treatment I have given, the treatment plan for the future, and I focus on my therapeutic intention. By doing this I give my clients 100% my sole attention during their consultation and treatment. Now that I’m in the more spacious accommodation here at 26 West Parade, I can do this in my office. But back then, when my treatment room was my office too, I used to go and sit on the narrow stair case.

One day a client asked me as I left the room what I did when I left her alone, so I took a photo and posted it on Facebook and Twitter with the same explanation as above. That photo got quite a reaction and was the start of my ‘Feet on the Stairs’ posts. These posts, complete with pictures of my feet, became a regular thing and grew so much in popularity that I even had people requesting to join me for photos on the stairs!

With the passage of time I moved my practice to the current location and I no longer sit on the stairs. I now have a wonderful array of beautifully restored and traditionally upholstered chairs to choose from. I do still have a couple of frames filled with a few ‘Feet on the Stairs’ photos. They are hanging in my office to remind me of how far I have come since those early days.

A couple of weeks ago I got some lovely new shoes and, eager to show the transition from Late Summer to Autumn footwear, I posted a picture with my feet on a chair along with the hashtag #ActYourShoeSize (it felt a bit naughty and gave me a sense of childlike joy to put my feet on the chair with my shoes on).

It would appear that feet are a popular choice and, once again, the reaction to my photo was quite something. A suggestion was made in the comments that this could be the new version of ‘Feet on the Stairs’, and thus feet on the stairs become ‘Feet on the Chairs’.

Look out for future posts. I’m now on Instagram too, so connect with me there. I hope you enjoy them and above all else #ActYourShoeSize