In spring last year you treated my wife and I as we went through our 6th IVF cycle. We are very grateful for your help and so proud to introduce you to our daughter, who you helped to create. Just wanted to say thank you so much. x

*text message received from patient after the birth of his daughter

(slightly edited to omit names and identities)


The number one reason couples seek help with conceiving through IVF treatment in the UK is male factor subfertility. Generally speaking men are less likely than women to seek healthcare services. However, when it comes to fertility issues they appear to fully participate in tests, investigations, and treatments to support their family.

Using a few acupuncture points on a man’s feet and legs can have the following impact

  • improve male factor subfertility
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • increase live birth success rates of IFV treatment
  • improve the wellbeing of couples trying for a baby


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