Pain relief is an area in which acupuncture treatment excels. Whether the pain is caused by accidental injury, sports injury, or a condition such as arthritis, acute or chronic, in the neck, shoulder, back, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, or foot.


  • reduces pain
  • aids recovery
  • restores movement

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“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with my shoulder and neck. After each visit I am without pain for some time. Whilst I had learned to live with the discomfort, it has made a real difference to actually not be in pain.”*

*written testimonial given by patient JS

“I have had a problem with my right hip joint for the last 25 years but it has been very painful in the last few months. I have been very worried that the next step was a hip replacement operation. I was pleasantly surprised that you could fit my appointment in to suit me and cause the least disruption to my business. After the course of treatment I can truthfully say I now have no pain.”* 

*written testimonial given by patient GG

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“Sandra took the time to understand what my complaint was (neck pain and difficult in moving in any direction) and how this was affecting my work life balance. Treatment was carried out and not only did I feel 100% relaxed, I was able to move my neck freely again.”

*written testimonial given by patient ST

“As part of my London Marathon training Sandra took on the tough task of loosening my extremely tight muscles. Following the treatment I felt improvement and also was provided with some great advice about how to stay as supple as possible. Thanks Sandra.”*

*written testimonial given by patient JF

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