a fish called Spock

A little while ago (OK, by that I mean 3 months – it’s been a very hectic 3 months!) I met with a friend and fellow practitioner, Ka Hang Leoungk, for a day of CPD, tea drinking, and cake eating in London. This is something that we try to fit in a couple of times a year, alternating visits between London and Lincoln. We spend our time talking about all things acupuncture, discussing practice and business issues, swapping ideas, as well as all the personal news type stuff. This was our first get together since the Chinese New Year.

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Five things I ask to help you stop smoking

I am often asked if acupuncture can help someone to stop smoking. My reply is always that yes it can, but it’s no magic wand and it won’t do all the work for you! So, when a potential client asks for my help with kicking the cigarette “habit” I ask some pretty tough questions and insist on five commitments. These are nothing more than my own opinions, but they are based on my experience both as an ex smoker and as a practitioner. Using this approach, my clients have achieved a very high (99%) success rate… Read more

Five things I learned in Las Vegas

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week in Las Vegas. If I were planning a holiday, I have to admit that Las Vegas would probably not be at the top of my desired destinations list, but the opportunity arose and was just too good to turn down. This was my first trip to the United States and I’m happy to report that Vegas more than exceeded my expectations! It is a total fantasy of a place. Disneyland for grown ups. A whacky, crazy, and unreal urbanisation. A loud, busy, brash, party city that never sleeps and, whilst the casino and gaming side of things here don’t specifically appeal to me, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Read more

Why I’m Prescribing Chocolate With Acupuncture

Some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rosella, an artisan chocolate maker. Rosella handcrafts her chocolates using only the finest quality ingredients. In conversations that followed, the idea of prescribing each patient an individual chocolate in line with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles of food energetics developed and this is now an integral part of almost every consultation. Read more