The First Moon and the Lantern Festival

The Year of the Pig is well underway and with that extra little bit of daylight being so much more noticeable in the last few days I feel more motivated, more energetic, and more convinced that Spring is almost here.

The end of the 15 days celebrating the Chinese New Year culminates today with the Lantern Festival. As the name suggests, the streets are festooned with lanterns and families go outside to admire the first Full Moon of the year, which coincides with the festival. It seems we are all drawn to the light and fascinated by the Moon. Read more

Red Sparkly Shoes or Coffee and Cake

how to carry your courage with you

Do you sometimes wake with words in your head? This morning I woke with these ‘You’ve always had the power’.

It seems to be a recurring theme for me recently as I’ve also been reminded of how I got myself into, and more importantly out of, a mini crisis of confidence. More on that in a moment, but first the reminder… Read more

Four Ways to Get a Great Sleep

In the clinic I see people all the time who have sleep problems and I can tell you, without a doubt, that lack of restful sleep is a virtual epidemic. No matter what the health issue – whether it’s pain, anxiety, digestive problems or really ANYTHING else – it’s going to be worse without healthy sleep.

In fact, I’ve seen SO MANY people where all we did was help them sleep better and their health issues improved by 50% or more!

One problem is that most of the ‘over the counter’ remedies – the supplements and sleep-aids – either end up causing some form of dependence or make you feel drowsy when you wake up. So you either avoid them altogether OR use them and still don’t feel any better.

GOOD NEWS. There are ways to get a more restful sleep without these things. And I’m going to share them with you right now. I’ve used these ‘tricks’ myself with great results, so I’m sure they will help you too… Read more

Amazing Grace, Two Dragons and a Monkey

Why I Love the 12th of December

A little girl called Grace will be celebrating her 5th birthday today. She was born on 12.12.12 – in the year of the Dragon. She was the first An Shen Acupuncture assisted IVF baby and for that reason alone she is very special to me. But there are many other reasons why her birth story holds a special place in my heart, and in my practice. Read more

Great Expectorations And How To Avoid A Coughing Catastrophe

At the recent Conservative Party Conference Prime Minister Theresa May gave her keynote speech to what you would be forgiven for thinking should be her most loyal supporters. However, the content of what she said was totally lost as the reporting of it was focused entirely on her failure to give the perfect delivery. The main cause of her difficulty, described by ‘The Guardian’ as “Great Expectorations”, was a prolonged coughing fit.
At the time this was going on I was totally unaware, busy working in clinic, but just a couple of hours beforehand I had been treating someone who was worried about succumbing to exactly that same problem…

Read more

Live Well, Live Long.

Live Well Live Long. Teachings from the Chinese nourishment of life tradition – Peter Deadman. This book review first appeared in the British Acupuncture Council Members’ publication ‘Acu’, Late Summer 2016.

I have to say, I was a little excited at the prospect of reviewing Peter Deadman‘s new book. I can assure you I have not been disappointed in the reading of it.

The first test any book has to pass for me, as a bit of a book nerd and one time librarian, is that it has to please all senses. Read more

Seven Reasons Why It Has To Be An Shen

My journey to become a (World Health Organization recommended standard of training and British Acupuncture Council registered member) Traditional Acupuncturist involved studying on a 3 year full-time Bachelor of Science degree course. My inspiration for doing so as a mature student followed an amazing turnaround in my own health having had acupuncture treatment, but that’s another story!

Back to this one – towards the end of my third year of study I had to produce a business plan. At that time I had already found what would be my first treatment room and the actual writing of the plan was flowing quite well. Read more