9th October 2016 Sandra Bird

Better than Botox, More Fantastic than Fillers – 5 reasons to have facial enhancement acupuncture instead

The magazine articles pictured above are from the November issue of ‘Red’ and are personal accounts from two beauty editors about their decisions to have or not have injectables.  Big thanks here to Sue for waving them in front of my face and prompting me (kicking me firmly in the butt) to stop with the research and start writing!

Back to the articles – they make for interesting reading…  Even more interesting, ‘Red’ have published an online survey of their readers about attitudes to botox and fillers, the results of which pretty much echo what I have learned through experience with clients and my own small surveys.  The main findings are that most respondents want their skin to be bright and fresh (rather than young) looking, and although injectables are becoming more widely accepted many people are still put off by concerns about the possible risks of unnatural looking results.  The biggest motivation for treatment appears to be a matter of self confidence, and of those who have had injectables fewer than half fess up to their partners and friends.

There is, however, an alternative (and I believe better) treatment.  Facial enhancement acupuncture is reportedly the favoured treatment of celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, to name but a few.  But you don’t need a celebrity lifestyle or bank balance to make the most of your natural beauty.  Here are just five fabulous and compelling reasons to give it a go.

1 – Nothing is Injected Facial enhancement acupuncture triggers a natural ‘healing response’ which in turn promotes your own collagen production, improving skin tone (and lots more) from the inside and removing the need for use of synthetic, animal, or potentially toxic substances.

2 – It’s a Whole Person Treatment – Acupuncture is holistic and will treat the underlying causes of skin damage, wrinkles, and sagging.  It’s also a whole face treatment, so there are no separate charges for different zones of the face. and any health conditions that you have are taken into account during your treatment.  So not only will the results include a younger, fresher, brighter look, you will feel all of those things too.

3 – No Risk of the ‘Fake Look’ – Because facial enhancement acupuncture is working from within there can be no risk of the ‘fake look’.  There will be no loss of movement, no over inflated puffy bits, and your smile will still be your smile.

4 – It’s Effective and Subtle – Nobody will ever suspect that you’ve ‘had work done’.  The effects of facial enhancement acupuncture are such that even your closest friends will not know what’s different about you unless you tell them.  They will say you look well, great, and fantastic, but your secret will be safe.

5 – There’s a No Needle Option – If you’re scared of needles there’s no way you will opt to have injectables.  But here’s the thing, Facial Enhancement Treatment at An Shen Acupuncture involves the use of special massage and cupping techniques in combination with acupuncture.  So if you really are needle phobic you can choose to have no needle treatment!

Well, there you have it.  The first five fabulous reasons to try it, but there really are loads more.  Get in touch and let me know what you’d like to improve, or why not just book your first session and let’s get started!