Cosmetic acupuncture is a ‘pro-age naturally’ treatment. Unlike most cosmetic treatments available in the conventional beauty industry, with cosmetic acupuncture there is nothing injected and nothing artificially removed. No surgery, no false youth, and no theatrical startled looks!

Cosmetic acupuncture works with what is naturally there, under your own skin, and prolongs your beauty from within.

Using a unique combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques – acupuncture, cupping, and massage – this cosmetic treatment at An Shen Acupuncture stimulates your own collagen production with the following benefits:

  • reduces lines and diminishes wrinkles
  • improves circulation and reduces cellulite
  • firms skin tone and improves skin conditions
  • lifts jowels and eyelids
  • reduces fluid retention
  • promotes fresher brighter looking skin
  • increases energy
  • increases sense of well-being
  • improves quality of sleep
  • boosts self-image and confidence

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“I’ve hidden these deep set lines on my forehead with a fringe for as long as I can remember, and now they’re gone. On top of that, my skin looks brighter and clearer than ever and it feels fabulous!”*

*text received from happy client after course of treatment

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