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Sandra Bird BSc (Hons), MBAcC, MATCM

Founder & Clinical Director


Sandra was drawn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) having experienced for herself how acupuncture treatment can dramatically improve health and well being.  She avoided the need for major surgery and then enrolled to study acupuncture at The University of Lincoln. Having started her working life in the research oriented world of Libraries and Information, Sandra views her practice as the perfect balance of paying attention to the smallest detail with the freedom to follow the intuitive flow.

Sandra likes the variety of a general practice, helping people with all types of health conditions, but has special interests women’s health, facial acupuncture, and fertility (she has provided maternity leave cover for a leading fertility specialist). She is currently studying Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Northern College of Acupuncture.

Tony Hanson BSc (Hons) DipAC, MBAcC

Associate Practitioner


Tony found his way to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a natural progression from his interests in martial arts and Eastern philosophies. The healing arts were, after all, developed in order to maintain the health of the ancient warriors!

Tony studied TCM Acupuncture in York at The Northern College of Acupuncture, where he is now also currently studying Chinese Herbal Medicine.

He enjoys the combination of general practice with a particular specialisation and expertise in musculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions.





The Way of An–Shen Acupuncture


I am rather particular about what I find acceptable when I choose to invest my money in a service or a product. Whatever I am exchanging my cash for has to fulfill some pretty tough criteria and satisfy my senses: it has to feel right, look right, taste right, smell right, sound right. In other words, it just has to be right! And so it is too when I am the provider of the product or service. I want what I provide to be just right and will do all I can to make it so. These are my guiding principles, the key to my practice, and the Way of An–Shen Acupuncture.
Sandra Bird

 One Couch, One Client


There are as many different ways to practise acupuncture as there are practitioners and patients. The way of An–Shen Acupuncture is very much about working with one patient at a time. That way you can rest assured that you will be 100% of your practitioner’s focus for 100% of the time that you are in the treatment room. There will be no multitasking, no overlap of appointments, no rushing from one room to another, or from one patient to another, and no interruption to your consultation. Your practitioner’s presence will be mindful, rooted, with clear intention, and completely focused on You.  

 Both Hands


I have read that every child in China is taught this:

“When offering a bowl of rice,
make offering with both hands.
When giving a gift,
give it with both hands.
When receiving a bowl of rice,
receive it with both hands.
When receiving a gift,
receive it with both hands.
When greeting someone,
clasp both your hands in greeting.”

Both Hands



Using both hands equally shows that we are respectful and giving our full attention. Every relationship is a partnership built on mutual respect. This is how we like to build relationships with patients, suppliers, and professional colleagues. At An–Shen Acupuncture your individual treatment plan will be developed with you, not for you, and it will require wholehearted, equal commitment from both you and your practitioner.

 Quality & Comfort


Just as the finest quality ingredients combine to make a delicious meal, so the precise and balanced combination of discrete yet interdependent elements make for the best experience, and outcomes, of an acupuncture treatment. The finest quality needles combined with comfortable needling technique. A well padded couch with fresh, soft, brushed cotton sheets. A “non-clinical”, relaxed, and safe environment. A warm, friendly welcome with a cup of An–Shen tea.

The Best Suppliers


We make no apology for being fussy about the quality of our supplies. After all, the tools and equipment we use are integral to our practice. It makes sense, therefore, that everything we use must come from the most appropriate source. We love to support businesses that are geographically close and often do. However, it is not always possible to obtain the items we need locally. Our choice of supplier is not determined by where they are located, nor purely by the price they charge, but by the quality of the item(s) that they supply.

Health & Happiness


However skilled a practitioner may be, if they’re not happy in their work, or in a good state of health, it will be reflected in their practice. It is a priority that the practitioner is as careful with their own health and happiness as they are with that of their patients. To this end, we have regular health preservation acupuncture treatments with colleagues to keep us at our best and are constantly seeking ways to maintain balance in all things.

How To Contact Us


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